Impossible, so I cheated

Impossible, so I cheated The fact that the child sees the complete picture of the world, we can solve all problems it and society, and most importantly, our balance with nature.

It is necessary to raise his eyes to the importance of society?

No, he just needs to feel and single whole society.

So in ancient tribes there was no separation of I and theM. Impossible, so I cheated another man, he's my brother.

We have such thing no, we deceive brother more than a stranger!

We talked about the whole systeM. Let's move the discussion to the plane of CE family, home.

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That participant

That participant Number of players .

Rules Elect the leader octopus.

It is only in water and out of the water cannot come.

The others players tease octopus.

The leader's task sing mother of teasers.

That participant to whom dotronut sya octopus, bowls off.

Players can think up teasers, for example Old terrible octopus, At you though eight feet, But you will not be able to catch up with us, You will float and suffer.

Game proceeds until octopus not will catch all participants.

r u with m j x The stock is absent.

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Had fun butterflies, were

Had fun butterflies, were So those also dried up oneodineshenkI. Had fun butterflies, were turned till the evening.

And as evening came, went to bed.

That with them was farther, about that I do not know.

Only I know that friendship in any trouble a support.

Questions and tasks If butterflies left the friend to the friend in trouble, what with them occurred?

Where still, except flowers, during a rain can hide nase komy?

Present that to you during a rain three butterflies flew from fairy tales.

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Listened, in a window

Listened, in a window The shebear lived in the thrown shepherd's izba together with the little bear cub.

The boy to an izba came, Z examined it from all directions.

Listened, in a window glanced, vi dit the shebear is not present, and knocked at a door.

Small honey got out the vezhonok, saw the boy and asks Listen, the boy, what you look for here?

Not terribly to you, what will my mother eat you?

To me it is terrible, very terrible, the boy, but that answers to do?

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Any you polnenny

Any you polnenny As a rule, small children like to carry out different household chores, like to be responsible for something.

Any you polnenny business helps kids to feel more important, nuzh it more responsibly.

If we miss this fertile moment and we do everything for the child, the sense of responsibility disappears, without having managed to develop.

Dear parents, charge to the child independently and regulyar but to carry out any business.

Allow it to make mistakes and independently to reflect over the made mistakes.

Let the child himself will think that he did, let he will learn to analyze results of the work.

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